Bactericidal Mask Case & Pouch Made In Korea - SAFELEAN

Bactericidal Case & Pouch for masks and personal items

Destruction of bacteria at 99.9% in 3 hours - Patented technology, tested by the International SGS certifier.

Destruction of bacteria at 99.9%

  • The Safe Lean Anti-Bacteria case destroys 99.9% bacteria in 3 hours by placing your items inside.
  • Certified by the international test laboratory SGS (Switzerland) for the destruction of bacteria (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), pneumococci, fungi) at 99.9%: SGS N ° AYHA17-10049 - SGS N ° AYHA17- 10050.
  • Patented technology with antibacterial action.

Protection of your mask and your personal items

  • The case will allow you to securely store your mask when you are not wearing it, or to keep your spare mask safe from germs.

  • You can also put in the objects such as keys, headphones, pens, cards ...

Deodorize your stuff

  • The case can also be used as a deodorant to eliminate cigarette odors, body odors ...

Using advice

How to properly use your bactericidal case or pouch

  • Simply place your mask or personal items inside the case or pouch. The bacteria will be destroyed to 99.9% in 3 hours.
  • Only one mask should be placed. Placing more masks reduces the antibacterial capacity of the case or pouch.
  • Objects should not overlap. The layering of objects reduces the antibacterial capacity of the case and the pouch.
  • The recommended period of use, for optimum effectiveness, is 3 months (100 days) after first use.
  • In case of abnormal use, the antibacterial performance may decrease.
  • The case and the pouch are not waterproof, they must not be wet.

IMPORTANT: The mask must be replaced by a new one according to the safety instructions in force (the case is not intended to clean the contaminated masks).