The Air Queen Breeze FFP2 mask, with an ergonomic 3D design, ultralight, ultrathin, is perfectly adjustable to all types of faces and sensitive skin, with exceptional comfort, protection and breathability thanks to nanotechnology. It can be worn throughout the day, from morning to evening without altering its effectiveness.


FFP2 Air Queen Breeze mask with very high quality is approved by European CE, REACH and RoHS standards, and tested by the international certifier SGS.


Each mask is individually packed for impeccable hygiene.


A clip to attach the back of the head is provided to relieve pressure, pain in the ears, and promote the protective effectiveness of the mask.



The nanofiber allows better ventilation of the mask as well as the evaporation of humidity, breathing is more natural with an impression of freshness.



Very high protection against viruses, bacteria, pollens, fine particles. An extremely dense nanofiber filter that captures the smallest particles down to 0.01 microns.



Elegant, ergonomically designed, the mask does not slip off the nose and prevents fogging of the glasses. A hook is provided for attachment to the back of the head.




The FFP2 mask has been designed to be comfortable to wear all day, from morning to night. Hypoallergenic, ultrathin, lighter than a sheet of paper (4.38g).


FFP2 mask with elegant design in Nano Fibers

3 filtration layers: first non-woven layer 35g / m², second layer in nanofibers 40g / m², third non-woven layer of 30g / m² making it possible to isolate the finest particles down to 0.01 microns.



FFP2 mask designed for perfectly all-day wear comfort


Unlike classic FFP2 masks, which must be changed every 3 to 4 hours, the FFP2 Air Queen Breeze mask can be worn all day, without altering its effectiveness and comfort. In nanofibers, air circulates more easily and moisture does not remain. The mask offers a pleasant impression of freshness and lightness on the face from morning until evening.


Superior quality FFP2 mask in Nano fibers

Nanofibers are larger in size than air but smaller than airborne particles. It is 1 nanometer, or 1 billionth of a meter thick. The FFP2 Air QUEEN Breeze mask uses advanced nanofiber technology. Its web is so dense that very fine particles cannot penetrate it. Unlike conventional masks, which become less and less effective and comfortable with each breath, due to the accumulation of humidity. The FFP2 Air QUEEN Breeze mask thus guarantees very high protection while offering better air ventilation, comfort and exceptional durability.

Classic fusion filter

(5000x magnified)


Conventional filters of classic masks, have an average distance between fibers of more than 10μm. When these masks are exposed to moisture, due to breathing or to external factors, the filtering efficiency decreases considerably.

Air Filter Queen Nano Fibers

(15,000x magnified)


The nano fibers of the Air Queen Breeze mask are much thinner and have an average distance between the fibers of 1.0 μm. Fine particles are stopped thanks to its densely entangled and non-static nanometric structure. Its filtration efficiency is much higher, even in contact with moisture.


International Certifications

FFP2 Air Queen Breeze masks are patented and manufactured in South Korea in a state-of-the-art, automated factory, ISO 13485 certified, ensuring hygienic and high-quality production to US FDA - CE FFP2 - REACH and RoHS international standards, and tested by the SGS international certifier for non-toxicity and by the NELSON LABS laboratory for filtration.

Usage tips

How to use your surgical mask properly

I. Before putting on your mask

1. Wash your hands well with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution until your hands are completely dry.

2. Take a mask from the box or sachet, being careful not to touch the other masks.

3. Check your FFP2 mask for any abnormalities, holes, tears or damage. If there is any problem with the mask, you should throw it away and choose another new one from the package.


II. To put on your mask

1. Take it by the rubber bands and turn your mask in the right direction: white face towards your face, the rigid edge up.

2. Place it on your face. Place the two rubber bands behind your ears.

3. Connect the two clips together behind your head.

4. Adjust the ear loops to prevent pressure on your ears.

5. Using your index finger and thumb, pinch the metal bar at the top of the mask to fold it up and fit your nose.


•      When you wear it avoid touching it.

•      Never put it in the waiting position on the forehead or under the chin.

•      Air Queen FFP2 mask can be used for all day. If you have difficulty breathing, if it is wet, damaged, has been splashed, or does not fit properly on your face you should remove it.

III. To remove your mask

1. Before removing it, wash your hands well with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

2. Remove your mask by touching only the rubber bands. Do not touch the part that covers your face, it could be contaminated.

3. FFP2 masks are designed for one-time use only by one person. You must dispose of it right away, safely, in a closing trash can.

4. Wash your hands again with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

Important: never modify the mask in any way.